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Hong Kong's International & Local Beer Festival
PMQ, 10th & 11th May
5月10-11日,PMQ 元創方

Get ready for the ultimate craft beer experience in PMQ, the centre of Hong Kong's party district - The Hoppening! This epic event will showcase the best of local and international breweries, for you to taste and explore. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, to fresh sours, this is a must-attend event for all beer enthusiasts!The Hoppening 在香港最熱門的派對聖地 - 中環PMQ元創方舉行,為你帶來終極的手工啤酒體驗!今次的活動將讓您品嚐和探索一系列本地及國際最優質的釀酒商;由充滿啤酒花芳香的IPA到香濃黑啤酒,再到新鮮酸啤酒,絕對是所有啤酒愛好者不能錯過的活動!

2 Days of Craft Beer二天暢飲手工啤酒

Everyone receives a drinking cup keepsake to use on the day and take home.每位入場人士將獲贈一個啤酒杯、一個保冷杯套供現場使用,更有由釀酒商所送的禮品。

85+ Beers to Enjoy"盡情享受超過85款啤酒"

More beers than we know what to do with. Pours start at $70.

A fantastic Day out絕對精彩的一天

Music, games and entertainment will take place throughout each session.每個時段都設有不同的音樂表演及遊戲環節,讓大家輕鬆暢飲一番。

Friday 星期五

Times 時間::

  • Session: 4pm - 10pm

  • 時段:下午4時-晚上10時

Saturday 星期六

Times 時間:

  • Session: 1pm - 10pm

  • 時段:下午1時-晚上10時

Our Breweries

Curated specially for you! The Hoppening brings together a range of beers from Hong Kong, from our friends throughout Asia and from even further afield. Each bringing their own unique flavours and styles for you to enjoy, we can't wait to open the taps and get drinking!The Hoppening 為你帶來來自香港、亞洲乃至世界各地的啤酒,各有獨特味道和風格,我們急不及待要與你一同暢飲!

Brewery or Distributor?

We're keen to talk to you. Drop us a note for more information on how to join the event.


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The Hoppening Bar List

Black KiteHong Kong Char SiuRose Dunkel BockDunkel BockBlack Kite x Neon Cider
Black KiteHong KongBygone Blooms Five Flowered HopfenweizenWheat AleBlack Kite x Neon Cider
Black KiteHong KongBird of Prey IPAIPABlack Kite x Neon Cider
Black KiteHong KongPins and Needles Passionfruit Rose Sour SourBlack Kite x Neon Cider 
Black KiteHong KongTwo Many Dollars DIPADIPABlack Kite x Neon Cider
Black KiteHong KongEasy GliderGolden AleBlack Kite x Neon Cider
Black KiteHong KongSunset City Grapefruit IPAIPABlack Kite x Neon Cider
Neon CiderHong KongRaspberry Peach CiderFruited CiderBlack Kite x Neon Cider
Neon CiderHong KongJust Peachy CiderPeach CiderBlack Kite x Neon Cider
Neon CiderHong KongPandanPandan CiderBlack Kite x Neon Cider
Neon CiderHong KongApple CiderApple CiderBlack Kite x Neon Cider
Neon CiderHong KongApple CiderApple CiderBlack Kite x Neon Cider
Neon CiderHong KongMango Pomelo CiderFruited CiderBlack Kite x Neon Cider
Neon CiderHong KongHeritage CiderAged CiderBlack Kite x Neon Cider
BrewDogScotlandLost LagerLagerBrewDog
BrewDogScotlandBlack HeartStoutBrewDog
BrewDogScotlandPunk IPAIPABrewDog
BrewDogScotlandAlmost FamousNEIPABrewDog
Carbon BrewsHong KongStaying AliveSession IPACarbon Brews
Carbon BrewsHong KongPeach Please-Carbon Brews
Carbon BrewsHong KongBright SidePale AleCarbon Brews
Carbon BrewsHong KongDark Soul AmburanaImperial StoutCarbon Brews
Causeway BrewingHong KongGravityHazy Guava Pale AleCauseway Brewing
Causeway BrewingHong KongTutti Fruiti V2Fruited SourCauseway Brewing
Causeway BrewingHong KongCoffee Meet LagerCoffee Amber LagerCauseway Brewing
Causeway BrewingHong KongYingSik IPAEnglish IPACauseway Brewing
Causeway BrewingHong KongSmoked & LactoJapanese Smoked SourCauseway Brewing
Causeway BrewingHong KongU & MeKviek Smoked Sour AleCauseway Brewing
Citibrew HKHong KongHoneyMoonSparkling MeadCitibrew HK
Citibrew HKHong KongHoneyMoon OolongSparkling MeadCitibrew HK
Citibrew HKHong KongFinal Revery Lime on LemongrassSparkling MeadCitibrew HK
Citibrew HKHong KongGuava Lime Sea SaltSparkling MeadCitibrew HK
Citibrew HKHong KongEarl Gray High TeaCocktailCitibrew HK
Citibrew HKHong KongHoney CucumberCocktailCitibrew HK
ParottdogNew ZealandHazy PaleNEIPAParottdog
ParottdogNew ZealandIPANEIPAParottdog
ParottdogNew ZealandLow CarbSession IPAParottdog
Devil's TeaHong KongDevil's TeaSpiked Iced-TeaDevil's Tea
Goose IslandUSAGoose IPAIPAGoose Island
Goose IslandUSAAngel GooseWhite Chocolate StoutGoose Island
Gweilo BeerHong KongLagerLagerGweilo Beer
Gweilo BeerHong Kong Session IPASession IPAGweilo Beer 
H.K. LovecraftHong KongKing in Yellow HellesLagerH.K. Lovecraft
H.K. LovecraftHong KongDeep OnesCold IPAH.K. Lovecraft
H.K. LovecraftHong KongTranquilityHoji-Genmaicha Rice LagerH.K. Lovecraft
H.K. LovecraftHong KongOld BloodDunkelH.K. Lovecraft
Heroes Beer Co.Hong KongGood Trip MikanPale AleHeroes Beer Co.
Heroes Beer Co.Hong KongA Day In The Life SourIPAHeroes Beer Co.
Heroes Beer Co.Hong KongHunk SirPorterHeroes Beer Co.
Heroes Beer Co.Hong KongHangry DonutHopiscus WheatHeroes Beer Co.
Hong Kong Beer Co.Hong KongHong Kong Beer Co. 28th Anniversary SaisonSaisonHong Kong Beer Co.
Hong Kong Beer Co.Hong KongHazy Daze DDHHazy IPAHong Kong Beer Co.
PohjalaEstoniaEstonian Lager-Hops Express
PohjalaEstoniaEstonian Dark Lager-Hops Express
MagpieSouth KoreaPale AlePale AleMagpie & Craft Bros
MagpieSouth KoreaIPAIPAMagpie & Craft Bros
MagpieSouth KoreaJeju Citrus Rice LagerRice LagerMagpie & Craft Bros
MagpieSouth KoreaThe GhostGoseMagpie & Craft Bros
MagpieSouth KoreaKolschKolschMagpie & Craft Bros
MagpieSouth KoreaTouristPale AleMagpie & Craft Bros
Craft BrosSouth KoreaWonder Pale AlePale AleMagpie & Craft Bros
Craft BrosSouth KoreaSuper IPAIPAMagpie & Craft Bros
Craft BrosSouth KoreaLife Double IPA YakimaIPAMagpie & Craft Bros
Mezzanine MakersHong KongLeng JaiRice LagerMezzanine Makers
MiMi BeerHong KongSaap IPA-MiMi Beer
MiMi BeerHong KongThree Hops Double West Coast IPA-MiMi Beer
MoonzenHong KongMonkey KingOctolagerMoonzen Brewery
MoonzenHong KongJourney to the West CoastPilsnerMoonzen Brewery
MoonzenHong KongDoouble LuckHazy IPAMoonzen Brewery
MoonzenHong KongBitter MonkHazy IPAMoonzen Brewery
TaboochaHong KongLychee Rose Black TeaKombuchaTABOOCHA
TaboochaHong KongSalty Lime Green TeaKombuchaTABOOCHA
TaboochaHong KongMango Mochi Pu Er TeaKombuchaTABOOCHA
TaboochaHong KongTom Yum Pineapple Green Tea KombuchaTABOOCHA 
TaboochaHong KongMarigold Iron Goddess Oolong Tea KombuchaTABOOCHA 
TaboochaHong KongPhoenix Daycon Oolong Tea KombuchaTABOOCHA 
UrbanautNew ZealandDiamond HeadHazy IPA 
Red Point BrewingTaiwanDisco MacawJuicy Pale AleTai-Pan Beer Co.
BehemothNew ZealandSolar Flares DoubleHazy IPATai-Pan Beer Co.
CloudwaterEnglandRiwaka and Takau BrettIPAThe Bottle Shop x Cloudwater
CloudwaterEnglandOde To MysticsImperial StoutThe Bottle Shop x Cloudwater
CloudwaterEnglandHooked on MosaicDDH IPAThe Bottle Shop x Cloudwater
CloudwaterEnglandGood BubblesNEIPAThe Bottle Shop x Cloudwater
CloudwaterEnglandFundamental FrequencyDIPAThe Bottle Shop x Cloudwater
CloudwaterEnglandSangria BreezeFruited SourThe Bottle Shop x Cloudwater
Yardley BrothersHong KongMachine MenDDH IPAYardley Brothers
Yardley BrothersHong KongWho the F#%k Is BrettHazy IPAYardley Brothers
Yardley BrothersHong KongBrett's Day OffHazy IPAYardley Brothers
Yardley BrothersHong KongThai Chilli Getaway HerbSpiced SourYardley Brothers
Yardley BrothersHong KongFruited Sour SlushieSlushieYardley Brothers
Young MasterHong KongPilsner-Young Master
Young MasterHong KongClassicPale AleYoung Master
Young MasterHong KongHong KongBlack StoutYoung Master
Young MasterHong KongCha Cha TengSourYoung Master
Young MasterHong Kong1842IPAYoung Master
Young MasterHong KongRye on WoodRye AleYoung Master
Young MasterHong KongHop Around the WorldHazy IPAYoung Master
TotopiaJapan NightowlphobiaWest CoastLagerYUMM
TotopiaJapan NightowlphobiaRedphobia DDHHazy IPAYUMM
TotopiaJapan NightowlphobiaBluephobiaOat Cream IPAYUMM
TotopiaJapan NightowlphobiaReflectphobiaSour IPAYUMM

How much are the beers?

Draft 400ml beers start at $65 and beers from the individual beer stands from cans/bottles they start at $40

Absolutely! For the first 2 hours of each day all drinks will be 20% off. How good is that!

What beers will you have?

At The Hoppening the joining breweries will be bringing new signature festival beers for you to enjoy. These will be first releases in Hong Kong

Are kids allowed?

Yes but any under 18 year olds must be supervised by an adult and under no circumstances be provided with alcoholic beverages.


"The Hoppening 的特色是一個大型酒吧,每個參與的釀酒商將在那裡展示他們最新、最好的啤酒。






"每張門票附送我們的招牌Hoppening杯一隻、免費選擇心水啤酒一杯以及保冷杯套一個讓你在現場使用。這些杯均可盛載所有在The Hoppening 提供的不同啤酒容量。


參與The Hoppening啤酒節的釀酒商為你帶來最新的招牌節日款式啤酒,這些啤酒更是首次在香港發售。